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Hi! I’m a graduate student in philosophy. Thank you for visiting my website, which hosts my personal blog. If you would like professional information or to contact me directly, please visit my about page. I also have an RSS feed you can follow to subscribe to this blog.

Why Dune II undermines its protagonist's achievements

08 March 2024 · Adam Fontenot

Like everyone else, I want to talk about the Dune movie.

They static now? They static now!

27 February 2024 · Adam Fontenot

This blog is now static HTML, instead of Flask. I briefly recount how I implemented the conversion.

Improving font rendering in old UI toolkits with a one line Pango patch

11 April 2023 · Adam Fontenot

I enabled subpixel positioning in GTK 2 and GTK 3 applications with a one line patch to the Pango library.

LibreOffice 7.4 has a new approach to text rendering

18 August 2022 · Adam Fontenot

After many years of weird text rendering issues in LibreOffice, many problems have now been solved. Let's explore the changes and look at some before / after images.

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