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Fixing a broken QR code in FEZ

13 January 2021 · Adam Fontenot

The video game FEZ contains a puzzle surrounding a broken QR code. I found a way to fix the code through a deep dive into the specification. It turns out that this is not the way that the game creators expected you to solve the puzzle.

How the pursuit of HD video ruined TV for half a decade

16 September 2020 · Adam Fontenot

Let's take a deep dive into the way that the adoption of HD digitally shot footage ruined the lighting of a bunch of different television shows, chiefly Battlestar Galactica.

Bart Ehrman and the “strictly historical point of view”

12 September 2020 · Adam Fontenot

Bart Ehrman has complex views of the relationship between naturalism and history. I try to develop an understanding of what the view is, and dispute several points.

The false claim that Bernie Sanders was sunk in 2016 by black voters

09 September 2020 · Adam Fontenot

It has been falsely claimed by many commentators, including some legitimate media sources, that Bernie Sanders does more poorly with black voters than with white voters. This has been used to explain his failing to win the 2016 primary, for example. I argue that this misunderstands the relevant statistics, and that Sanders actually did better with black voters in many states, including South Carolina. The problem comes from ignoring the enormous fraction of white Republicans.

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